Law of Foreigners

We provide services to our foreign clients for work permits and residence permits in Turkey in order to ensure their free movement in and get their citizenship applications in pursuant with Foreigners and International Protection Act and related legislation and practices.

Refugee law has become an important issue in our country due to the geography we are in and the world order in which human rights are ignored. Due to the events happening in their country; to a foreigner who is outside the country of his / her nationality because he / she fears rightly that he / she will be persecuted due to his / her race, religion, nationality, membership of a certain social group or political opinions and who cannot benefit from the protection of this country or who do not want to take advantage of the protection of this country or because of such incidents, We follow the relevant administrative and judicial processes to grant refugee status to stateless persons who are present, unable to return there or do not want to return due to fear.