Corporate Law

Corporate Law

Corporate law is among the main areas that we provide consultancy. These services include, but are not limited to, establishment stages, support in the decision-making processes of company bodies, partnership relations, type change and mergers, legal due diligence and these.

Establishment Stages

We provide comprehensive services to our clients in this field. Establishment of joint stock and limited companies, branch openings suitable for these types of companies, and liaison office openings are the leading services. We explain to our clients that the establishment of the company is a process that should not be overlooked quickly and regulates important issues such as shareholders’ rights and company organs, and we provide detailed consultancy in this context. In this process, we provide comprehensive services regarding the opening of companies and branches, including obtaining Ministry permits, if necessary, managing the application to the trade registries, registration and announcement processes, and then preparing the company books and opening the company tax.

Decisions of Company Bodies

In limited companies, companies are managed through the board of directors and the general assembly, and in joint stock companies, through the boards of directors and general assembly bodies. The decisions taken by these bodies generally shape the present and future of companies, and in this respect, it is important to carry out these decision-making processes in accordance with the law. With the responsibility given by this importance, our clients;

We assist in the preparation of board of directors ‘resolutions and board of directors’ resolutions.

We support our clients regarding the transfer of powers of the members of the board of directors and we prepare the internal guidelines of the board within this scope.

We provide legal consultancy, including the convening of ordinary and extraordinary general assemblies, changes in the articles of association, capital increases and decreases, board member elections, change of address.

We follow the necessary registration and announcement procedures before the trade registries for resolutions of the board of directors and general assembly. We carry out the necessary application and registration procedures for our clients in all public institutions, especially the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

We also carry out the harmonization processes of the articles of association with the new Turkish Commercial Code.

Type Change and Mergers

Type change and company mergers are also included in our consultancy.

Relations Between Shareholders

We prepare partnership agreements that regulate the relations of the shareholders with the company and each other, including the transfer of shares, having a voice in the board of directors and general assemblies, and the right to information. We also provide legal support for share transfer processes for both joint stock and limited companies.

Legal Due Diligence

We support our clients during the company review and appraisal and due diligence period in share transfer processes. If our clients are on the shareholder side, we subject the company’s founding documents, licenses, movable immovable property, tangible and intangible assets, employees, contracts and so on, and prepare a due diligence report on the legal risks that our findings and findings may encounter as a result of the analysis. We meet with our clients regarding the scope of the information and documents requested from the client during the legal due diligence process that our clients will undergo on the party transferring the share, and we support our clients in providing the necessary information and documents and preparing the data room.