Bilişim Hukuku

IT Law is one of the main areas that we provide consultancy. We provide comprehensive services to our clients in this field. The main issues we provide consultancy are; e-commerce, digital advertising, social media, online reputation management, cyber crimes, information security and privacy in scope of KVKK and payment systems.


We make risk analysis regarding business ideas for our clients engaged in electronic commerce activities according to legislation of the Republic of Turkey ( “Regulations”) and provide such clients results with written and detailed reports . In accordance with the e-commerce model (B2B, B2C, C2C), we prepare membership agreements, user agreements, subscription agreements, confidentiality agreements and distance agreements in order to regulate the relations between clients and clients in accordance with the Legislation. We provide consultancy on the limits of sending commercial electronic messages for the promotion of clients’ products and services and we legally evaluate the questions in this regard and convey our answers to our clients in detail. In the event that user comments on e-commerce sites are unlawful, we support the methods that clients should follow. We guide our clients regarding the originality of the contents and the visuals to be used.

Digital Advertising

We examine the contracts of our clients who are active in the digital advertising sector or engaged in active advertising activities in this field, we identify the risky points and explain them in detail in written and verbal form. In addition, in accordance with the services that our clients will give or receive; We prepare contracts such as Google adwords campaign management agreements, search engine optimization campaign management agreements, affiliate partnership agreements and social media consultancy agreements. We provide legal consultancy on the legality of written, verbal and audio content to be shared on the Internet and the legality of electronic messages to be sent to customers. We provide consultancy on the legality of the selection of keywords to be used for digital advertising. We protect our clients’ rights whose brands are illegally used as a keyword by rival companies by using warn-remove methods or representation before the Intellectual and Industrial Rights Law and / or Criminal Courts.

Social media

We provide comprehensive legal consultancy and advocacy services to our real and legal person clients on social media regarding disputes occurring on social media. We support clients who have negative comments about themselves on social media, especially in dictionaries and various social networks, and whose photographs and works are used without permission, by using warning and remove mechanisms to remedy this negative situation and represent themselves before the civil and criminal courts. We provide advocacy services in eliminating the grievances arising from qualified fraud crimes through social media accounts.

Online Reputation

The digital age that we are in has also brought some risks in addition to the advantage of reaching companies easily through measurable channels.The effects of negative statements about legal or natural persons and the traces left on the Internet by content that exceeds the limits of freedom of expression and dissemination is much greater than the effect of negative statements in real life. This effect manifests itself in the form of short, medium and long-term economic losses by damaging the reputation of their brands in legal entities and material and moral losses for individuals by damaging their personal rights. In this sense, IT Law has become one of the important tools to protect the reputation of our clients in online channels. We provide comprehensive services to our clients by using this important tool in protecting their online reputation.

Cyber ​​Crimes

Insults, threats and blackmail crimes committed via the internet within the scope of the Turkish Penal Code, the crime of abuse of bank and credit cards, the crime of obscenity, the crimes of insult, threat and blackmail committed via the internet, the crime of illegally entering the information system, the crimes of disrupting and blocking the information system, We provide advocacy services within the scope of crimes of changing, destroying, copying and destroying data in the information systems or other information crimes where the internet is used as a tool.

Information Security and Privacy

We carry out the projects of legal person clients to comply with the legislation regarding the collection, processing and storage of data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Code (Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Kanunu). In addition, we prepare confidentiality and information security agreements that clients have concluded with their clients. We represent our clients whose right to protection of personal data has violated before the Courts in the Republic of Turkey.